The Sound of Separation

Elaine Gomez

 The Sound of Separation is an experimental 2D side scrolling platform experience about the emotional journey a young princess goes through while running away from her family. The game is experimental in nature and captures themes of rejection, disappointment, and abandonment. The core of the game lies within simple puzzles that allow the player to relive the character’s memories, altering her mood and her future.


Art: Terence Tolman, Katie Yu, Nico Hamilton, Danielle Oyales / Programming: Miranda Bradley, John Ceciri III, Luis Vital / Writing: Jen Hallaway, Miranda Moyer / Music and Sound: Isabelle Engman, Gerardo Garcia, David Deedwania, Aaron Ishibashi / Production: Allison Comrie / User Research: Chris Morales / Voice Acting: Charly Charney Cohen


Jeff Watson, Chanel Summers, Richard Lemarchand, Jeffrey Yohalem

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